Working with me

My experience has taught me that most people who feel overwhelmed, stressed, or limited have an innate capacity to recover, heal and even  thrive  from their crises, trauma, childhood difficulties or stressful life changes


Usually, my clients  are not aware of this resource in themselves and cannot tap into  it at the start of their therapy. Life often feels a struggle.


This can manifest  as 

  • depression,

  • anxiety,

  • compulsive behaviours

  • poor relationships,

  • physical pain and symptoms

  • stress

  • lack of confidence




I aim to enable you to find this innate  resource inside yourself through the following;


  •  A safe,  professional, confidential environment. 

Using Specialised skills such as; 

  • visualisation,

  • relationship skills,

  • mindfulness (a meditative approach that allows us to observe our own heightened  responses to  difficulties) which  lowers stress levels, 

  • listening without judgement,

  • understanding and using  knowledge of unconscious aspects of our lives.

  • exploring how our bodies express or hold emotional pain and changing the impact of this.

  • demonstrating and helping you practice  physical and psychological resources for living.  



 I provide you  with  psycho-education along side this process so that you have a “map” to follow of what we are doing ; this then becomes a resource to use in your  life.


 In time, a sense of well being and living better may blossom, with a less fearful attitude to pain and life’s difficulties.



I work with individuals, couples and groups doing , medium and  short term work.


I provide "stress buster"  packages at a fixed fee and time limited; if you choose you can do this first and then decide whether to work at a deeper level. (daytime only)







Client experiences


“ have helped me see what is important in life, how to acknowledge my feelings, trust my instincts, recognise when I am makng the same old mistakes, and look forward to a future.”

anonymity is preserved for confidential reasons.

“...(you have been) a safe pair of hands (for me)... I have been able to grow..learn.. (you) made it possible for me to come out the other side infinitely healthier and happier....”

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