My Experience

I have  30 years of theraputic  experience, working since 1989 in private practice, part time and in various counselling agencies including the following ;


Youth Enquiry Service Notts (1980's); Nottingham Counselling Centre (1980's-90's) as volunteer counsellor, then member of staff co-initiating Sexual Abuse Project, providing in-house supervision and training; working as clinician with inidividual clients and groups; Nottingham Psychotherapy Unit as trainee psychodynamic psychotherapist(1990's).


Private practice fulltime since 1996.



I hold MA Integrative Psychotherapy (1999 Derby University/Sherwood Institute of Psychotherapy) registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and am a senior accredited psychotherapist and counsellor with British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, (BACP), SPI couples certificate (1995) and NCS accreditation.(1990). I completed the Vaughan College Psychodynamic supervision training contact portion (1995).  I hold Certification as an Advanced Practitioner with the Sensori Motor Institute of Psychotherapy and   Lifespan Integration .



I have supervised psychotherapists from many different agencies (GP practices, university counselling settings,youth counselling agencies, voluntary sector agencies such as YMCA, MIND, other mental health agencies NHS ,City Hospital Breast Care Unit and Oncology, Sheffield Hallamshire Neurology therapy  service for patients with epilepsy and nonepileptic seizures,  schools counselling services, private practice). I have 1000's of hours of supervision practice.




I have trained counsellors and psychotherapists since  the late 80s; this includes   the Youth Enquiry Service, Nottingham Counselling Service,  Sherwood Institute, many different counselling agencies in the voluntary sector, Vaughan College. I am available to give  consultancy and to provide reflective practice groups for proffessionals  counselling services and other professional settings.


I have also  had  long experience as a trainer  in the fields of Sexuality, and Assertion,  including as a facilitator for the Education Unit of the Family Planning Association (1970s -80s) and  Northern Assertion Trainers.(1980s to 90s)


My  main trainings include;

  •  Anne Dickson,  Redwood Association Diploma for sexuality  and assertion training,

  •  Education Unit of Family Planning Association faciliators training

  •  Diploma Theraputic massage; Holistic College UK

  • Nottingham Psychotherapy Unit;psychodynamic training visiting therapist.

  • Nottingham Counselling centre Acreditation.

  • Couples certificate training Sherwood Institute of Psychotherapy

  •  MA Integrative Psychotherapy Derby University and  Sherwood Institute of Psychotherapy

  • Advanced Certification in Sensori Motor Psychotherapy Sensori Motor  Psychotherapy Institute UK

  • Lifespan Integration




Additionally I have many years experience of continued professional development covering  trauma, issues of race and culture, spirituality, sexuality, sexual orientation, innate imaging to name a few.


This range of training and experience means I have a very broad range of abilities and knowledge of many different people in different settings, young and older.




I work with a wide range of approaches
and methods:


• Sensori -Motor Psychotherapy (Trauma and Developmental model) • Life-Span Integration

• Object Relations, Self Psychology, 

Psychodynamics • CBT • Transactional Analysis

• Innate imaging and visualisation • Mindfulness 
• A variety of body-orientated approaches

• Assertion training.

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