Assessment & Fees



Before starting psychotherapy, it is standard to have an initial exploratory appointment. This provides a skilled, confidential assessment of your difficulties. If you decide to come for an assessment with me, we will spend 90 minutes together where we will explore  your personal difficulties and I will assess whether  psychotherapy could help you. 


At the end of this appointment I provide a written agreement and a privacy statement for you to look at in your own time. This gives you clear information about attending therapy, and your rights under Data Protection, affording you  time to consider if you are ready to begin this process.


I work to strict ethical, professional codes as a member of  BACP (British Association of Psychotherapy and Counselling) SPI (UK) (Sensori Motor Institute of Psychotherapy), Lifespan Integration UK. Therefore all my work is supervised and any complaints can be taken up with these organisations.


If you then feel  comfortable to begin, we agree appointments, and you start attending, sessions, usually weekly. 


I always review how you are finding the work and being with me after a few sessions.


If, for any reason at the time of the assessment, you or I felt therapy was inappropriate or I needed to refer you to another practitioner, I would ensure you had appropriate referrals and resources from which to continue; half of the assessment fee would be returnable in this case.


assessment appointment  £65 or £70 for individuals and £70/£75 for couples.

Depending on income


personal therapy and counselling   £60   per 50 minute session 
                                                                           couples work; £65 to £70 per hour session. (depending on income)
supervision £60 for independent practitioners, £60 -£70 organisations per hour.

psychotherapy students pay by the above structure.



stress buster sessions ; fixed fee of £360 for the 6 sessions.


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