Why choose psychotherapy and counselling?


Working with a psychotherapist can lead to richer relationships at work, at home, an inner confidence and an ability to manage emotional pain differently.


How do I know what kind  to choose?

There are many different kinds of therapists and approaches; it is important to contact a number of therapists  to see who suits you and who has the skills to address your particular problems.

I have 30 years of therapeutic experience. I have been trained in a number of differing approaches including;


working with a broad spectrum of  clients over the years. This means I offer a range (rather than a single)  theraputic method chosen for your specific needs. Some of the problems  I  address you can see to the right.


What if I can't identify what's wrong? I'm just unhappy.


That is what an initial assessment is for ; to help you establish whether psychotherapy/counselling is  what you need, or whether another kind of support or help is indicated.


So how does it work?


 I use specialist skills,  in a gentle way that  help you understand and observe how emotional pain is occurring in your life.  This can enable you to  change your responses to  that  pain.


These include ;



You can find out more about my services and experience on this site. If you would like to discuss your therapeutic needs, please contact me. If you are interested in sessions for the autumn please go to CONTACT page to see days and times and privacy conditions. Privacy statement for my practice is now in operation.


Fiona Aitken



Anxiety •  Depression • Childhood abuse • Poor body image • Compulsive eating • Bullying and it's impact • Anger management • Loss and bereavement  • Sexuality issues • Assertiveness  •  

Poor relationships • Women and menopause • Ageing • Life skills • Work related issues • Shyness •  Stress and Post Traumatic Stress •  Parental concerns • Self Esteem difficulties • Pain • Unhappiness and Dissatisfaction • Divorce and Separation • Issues of forgiveness • Loneliness • Lack of confidence •Trauma

 • Symptoms of: fatigue,physical pain, nightmares, lack of concentration, flashbacks.


'Stress Busting'  six- session package, flat fee (see under fees) daytimes only.


Support for managers


 • supervision and consultancy for psychotherapists, counsellors

  • Reflective practice for other professionals


Specialism ;Working with Men

Some of the problems I work with: 

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